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We Are A Google Apps for Business Authorised Reseller

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As business processes have become more distributed, with not only employees working from home but also using multiple devices to access business systems such as email, the traditional model of serving email along-side a website has become largely unmanagable. Google Apps for Business primarily allows us to offer our clients a hosted and redundant email service with large amounts of data, enabling cross device syncing and sharing at a very attractive price point.

We can fully support our clients in the transition and ongoing use of Google Apps for a single annual fee. Please contact us for more details.

New Website!!

TMT Logo - So it's here.... at last..... Have a look around, we hope you like it.

We'll be regularly updating with blog posts and adding new features as we go along. We hope to be including some case studies soon along with a dedicated support area for our clients.


The Open Guardian

The Guardian Open Platform -

We've been spending time looking at the Guardian Open platform and integrating it in to our CMS. It's an interesting take on the plummeting newspaper revenues dilemma, and it's diametrically opposed to The Times paywall solution.

We're initially testing it to backfill unique content and raise page views but it would also work on specialist websites and blogs as conversation starters, commentators can prepend their thoughts to the original news story.

Social & Spicy Campaign

Old Spice is creating social media buzz with its award winning Old Spice campaign. Having garnered praise for its original viral video starring Isaiah Mustafa (former NFL star) they've created 117 personalised videos responding directly to bloggers, tweeters and media commentators. There's lots of eyes trained on this ...


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